ParkDetek - TruckCount

The highly accurate data capture system for telematic truck parking management

ParkDetek-TruckCount is the solution for precise, real-time monitoring of truck spot occupancy at highway parking and rest areas.

This system is based on our highly accurate MultiSens data collection technology. It uses an intelligent reconciliation algorithm to determine the number of truck parking spots occupied with hitherto unprecedented accuracy (>99,9%).

ParkDetek-TruckCount is designed specifically for use in parking and rest areas. It guarantees precise capture of truck data, even in the most challenging of driving conditions, including stationary or maneuvering vehicles.

The quality of the data captured by ParkDetek-TruckCount has been proven in multiple operational highway rest areas and evaluated by the Fraunhofer Institute.


Systemtest 2 ParkDetek (PWC Offenbau A9)

October 2012 Evaluation Parksystem

ParkDetek-TruckCount: Precise – Reliable – Cost-Effective